Simple, uncomplicated editing

Edit text as you see it

Simply click on the text you want to change, then edit it the same way you would write an email or Word® document.

Unlimited web pages

Don't worry about limits. We don't have any. If you want to add 20,000 pages to your website, we're not going to stop you.

Happy secretary

Easily add engaging content


Adding videos is easy. Just click a button, then copy and paste a link to YouTube or Vimeo.

Photo Albums

Add stunning photo albums in seconds. Click a button, choose your photos. Done!


Add maps by clicking a button, then typing in an address. Driving directions included!


Adding events is super simple and keeps parishioners plugged in to your church.

Parish Bulletins

Choose a PDF file and select a date. We'll send it to subscribers by email or text automatically*, then archive the old bulletin.

News / Blog

Keep your parishioners up to date by creating engaging news and/or blog posts.


Upload flyers, brochures, event posters and other documents for visitors to download.

Social Media

Easily link to all of your social media accounts to maximize your reach.

* Text messaging and email service is an add-on feature and additional fees apply. Learn more

Work as a team

Give volunteers and ministries the ability to work together and edit their own areas of the website.


Unlimited users

Adding users is easy, and we don't set limits on how many users you can have. Whether you're running the website by yourself, or you have multiple volunteers, we've got you covered!

Specific user roles

Each user is assigned their own unique level of access. Whether they have full access, or are limited to editing a single web page is fully within your control. It's as simple as clicking a checkbox.

Created for Catholic communities

Church scene

Parishioner registration

New parishioners can easily register with your church using our built-in registration forms.

Private parishioners area

A secure area where parishioners can adjust communications preferences, or engage in activities like the prayer network.

Prayer network

Registered parishioners can create prayer requests and show others that they are praying for them.

Built-in translation

Parishioners can instantly translate your website into their choice of over 100 languages.

Adjustable font sizes

Text is sized so your website will be easy to read, and can be adjusted using our built-in font size tool.

Mobile friendly

Your website will adjust to fit on any device. You don't need to maintain a separate version of your website.

Mass times on every page

Your Mass schedule for the upcoming week appears on every page of the website (but you only need to edit it once).

Featured events

Upcoming and featured events appear on the home page, so visitors will always know what's happening at your church.

Liturgical color schemes

Each web design can be adjusted to match its colors to the current liturgical season.

Built to save you time

Relaxing at laptop.

Ready to launch in less than 1 hour

New websites come pre-filled with Catholic content, including information on the Sacraments, a Parish Directory, contact page and much more. All you need to do is fill in the blanks.

Updated in under 15 minutes per week

ParishPal automates tedious tasks like removing old events and archiving old parish bulletins, so your time can be spent focused on building your ministry, not fiddling with your website.