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How To Add A Service

This article will show you how to add a service to your website.

Step 1: Navigate To The "Services Schedule" Section

Parish Admin Services Schedule

You can either use the tabs at the top, or just click the "Services Schedule" icon on the Dashboard. If you don't see this icon, you need to ask your main website administrator to grant you access to edit the services schedule.

Step 2: Bring Up The "Add Service" Form

Add A Service

You have two options to add a service:

  1. Click the green "Add Service" button in the top-right corner, or
  2. Click on a date in the calendar, then click the green "Add Service" button on the popup that appears.
Step 3: Add The Service


If your parish has multiple church locations, then you will start by selecting a location for the service.

Service Type

Select a service type (Mass, Reconciliation, etc.).

Service Details

This field gives you the option of adding any special service details. For example, if there is a baptism during Mass, you might put "Baptism" in the service details. Note: This is not a required field.

Service Language

Select a language for the service.

Service Date

Select a date for the service. If you clicked on the calendar in step 2, the date of the day you clicked will be set by default. If you clicked the "Add Services" button in the top right in step 2, then today's date will be set.

Service Time

Select a start & end time for the service. You can type the time in any standard format: 3pm, 15:00, 3:00pm, will all work just fine.

Service Repeats

If this is a regular service, you have the option to set this service to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, which will save you from having to re-enter the service each time.

Each "repeats" option has its own set of sub-options, which will help ParishPal determine what you mean. For example, selecting "Monthly" will give you the option to select the day of the month (for example, the "3rd" each month), the day of the week relative to the start of the month (for example, "third Friday of the month"), and the day of the week relative to the end of the month (for example, "the last Wednesday of the month"). Selecting "Weekly" will give a completely different set of options.

Service Description

​Here you have the option to add a description for the service. For example, above we suggested "Baptism" in the "Service Details" area. Here in the description, you might list the names of those being Baptized. Note: This is not a required field.

Step 4: Add The Service

Add Service

When you're all done, hit the "Add Service(s)" button and your service will be added to the website. If this service is a "repeating" service, it may take a few seconds (around 2-3 seconds) to add each instance of the service to the site.