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Adding a Custom Banner

From time to time you might want to change the banner image to add variety and interest to your website, or to provide better context for the content on your web page. With ParishPal, you can do this. Here's how...

Step 1: Select The Web Page

Website Web Pages Edit Icon

Sign in to ParishPal, visit the "Website" section, then choose "Web Pages". Find the page you wish to update from the list and click on the "Edit" icon for that page, or you can add a new page if the page you want doesn't currently exist.

Step 2: Select A Banner Image


To select your custom banner image, click the "Settings" button from the toolbar at the top of your screen. A dialog will appear.

Select Custom Banner Image

Search for the "Page Options" section, and you will quickly find the "Custom Banner Image" option. To select an image, click on the blue "Select" button.

Select Banner Image

A popup will appear and provide you with the option to select an existing image file to use as your custom banner, or upload a new one. To select an existing file, double click the image you want to choose, or right-click the image and choose "Select". If you are looking to upload a new image to the server, click the "Upload" button, then when the file has been uploaded, select it (double click or right-click and choose "select").

When deleting images from this area, please keep in mind that other pages may be using the same image, so removing the file could cause a broken link on the other page. Delete only files which you know are not in use by another page.

Clear Banner Image

​Your web page's banner should change immediately. If you are happy with how it looks click "Done", then click "Save" from the toolbar at the top of the screen. If the new banner file didn't work out as you expected, you can revert back to the default banner by clicking "Clear".