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Adding A Gallery

Step 1: Add The Gallery Container

Add Content Add Gallery

You will first need to add the "container" for the gallery. This is just an empty block of content where we will eventually put our photos. This area will not show up on the website if no photos are added to it.

Simply click the "Add Content" button for the section you want to add the gallery to, then click the "Photo Gallery" icon (see above - it looks like two rows of Polariod photos). If you do not see this icon, you likely can not add a photo gallery to the specific area of the page you selected. Try the main area instead.

Note: There may be multiple "Add Content" buttons - there is a button for each editable area of the page.

Step 2: Add Photos

New Gallery Click

The gallery block you have just added will say something like "New Gallery: This block will not be published unless...", as seen in the image above. If you hover your mouse over this area, the red dotted border will turn into a solid red border. Click your mouse!


Add Photo

A toolbar will appear to the left of the container block with a menu of icons. Click the "Add Photo(s)" icon in the toolbar, which looks like a green "plus" sign (see image above).  The file browser will load.


Upload Photos

Here are a few things you can do in the file browser:

  • Upload new photos
    Click on the Upload link (indicated by the red arrow in the image above) and select one or more photos to upload from your computer.
  • Select photos to add to the gallery
    Click on any of the photos to select it. You can select multiple photos by holding your computer's CTRL key while clicking on the photos.  When you are done selecting photos, right-click your mouse (or two-finger tap, if you're not using a mouse), then choose Select from the menu that appears.

Note: If you stop holding "CTRL" and click on a photo, it will de-select all of the previously selected photos.

Step 3: Arrange Photos & Finish


The photos will now be added to your gallery. You can re-arrange your photos by clicking and dragging them around the area. When you have everything the way you want it, click the "Done Editing" icon (check mark) to finish.