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Adding A Video

Step 1: Add The Video Container

Add Content Add Video

You will first need to add the "container" for the video. This is just an empty block of content that will eventually contain our video, but will not show up on the website if no video is linked to it.

Simply click the "Add Content" button for the section you want to add the video to, then click the "Video" icon. If you do not see the video icon, you can not add a video to the section you selected. Try the main section instead.

Note: There may be multiple "Add Content" buttons on the page.

Step 2: Link To The Video

Click Container Block

The video container you have just added will say something like "New Video: This block will not be published unless...", as seen in the image above. Mouse over the new video container and the red dotted border will turn solid, then click.


Click icon

A toolbar will appear to the left of the container block with a menu of icons. Click the "Change Video" icon in the toolbar, which looks like a reel of film (see image above).


Add link to video.

Enter the link to your video, then click "Done". Any video on YouTube or Vimeo will do.

  • Where do I find the link to a YouTube video?
    On, click the "Share" link under the video you’d like to use, then copy and paste the link.
  • Where do I find the link to a Vimeo video?
    Hover your mouse over a Vimeo video, then click the "Share" icon (it looks like a paper airplane), copy and paste the link, and you're done.

Note: Occasionally, Vimeo's "share" links do not work. If you are having trouble, please edit the link so it reads something like "", leaving only "" and the video number (usually 9 digits).

Step 3: Done

All Done

The video will now appear. Click the "Done Editing" icon (check mark) to finish.

Note: If the video does not appear, please check that the link you entered is correct. If the link is correct, yet still no video appears, the video's "sharing settings" likely prevent this video from being shown on your website.