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Arranging Pages & Categories

If you want to change the order of your web pages there are two different ways to do so, depending on your level of permissions.

Step 1: Navigate To The Web Pages Section

Website Web Pages

You can either use the tabs at the top, or just click the Web Pages icon on the Dashboard. If you don't see this icon, you need to ask your main website administrator to grant you access to edit web pages.

Step 2: Click & Drag Pages to Re-Arrange

If you have full access to the web pages section you will be able to rearrange pages (and entire categories) by clicking and dragging them with your mouse. While dragging, a faint yellow box will appear to show you where the page (or category) is currently positioned. If you are moving a category, all of the category's sub-pages and sub-categories will be moved with it. When the page (or category) is positioned in the desired location, simply release your mouse to "drop" it into place.

Arrange Category

If you are trying to move a page into a category and it will be the last (or only) item in that category, you may need to drag the item slightly to the right so that ParishPal will know what you intend to do. Conversely, if you'd like to move an item out of a category, you'll need to first drag the item so that it's the last item in the category, then drag it slightly left. Both moves are demonstrated here:

Move Page Into Category

To keep your website easy to navigate, we've limited the "depth" to which pages and categories can be nested to "four levels deep" (eg. Category > Sub-category > Sub-category > Page). Keep this in mind when you are organizing your categories and pages. If you try to go too "deep", the yellow box that shows you the new position of the page will turn red, indicating that this particular placement is not allowed.

Too Deep

Step 3: Save Your Changes

Once the order of pages has been altered, a dialog will appear at the bottom of the page asking you if you'd like to save the new page order. You do not need to do anything here until you are finished making changes. When you are ready, click "yes" to save the new page order, or click "no" to revert to the previous order (before you started making changes). Nothing will be saved until you click "yes", so you can move pages around freely without worry of creating chaos on the live website.

Save Page Order