Changing Main Banner Image

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Changing The Website's Main Banner Image

This tutorial will teach you how to customize the main website banner image in 3 easy steps. In less than 2 minutes, you'll have a result similar to this:

Banner: After

Let's get started...

Step 1: Navigate to the Banner Images Section

Settings Banner Images

You'll find the Banner Images section by visiting the Settings section, then clicking the Banner Images icon.

Step 2: Change The Image

Change Image

The Banner Images section is fairly straightforward. Roll over the existing banner to show the Change Image button, then click the button.


Double-click an existing image to select it, or upload a new one by clicking the Upload button, then selecting a file on your own computer. New banner images should be at least 1300px wide and 800px tall. Larger images will be scaled & cropped automatically, saving you some time. Once the file has uploaded, you still need to double-click the image to select it.

Step 3: Preview & Save

Preview and Save

Once you've selected a new banner image, you can click the Preview button to see what your website will look like with the new banner image. If you're satisfied, click the Save button to publish your changes to the website.