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Deleting An Event

This article will show you how to delete an event in your website's Events Calendar. Let's get started...

Step 1: Navigate to the Events Calendar section

Accounts Events Calendar

You can either use the tabs at the top, or just click the Events Calendar icon on the Dashboard. If you don't see this icon, you need to ask your main website administrator to grant you access to edit the events calendar.

Step 2: Find the event you want to delete

Select Date

Using the calendar, navigate to the day of the event you want to delete and click on it. A list of the day's events will pop up.

Delete Event

Next to the event you would like to delete, click on the delete icon (it looks like a trash can). A form will pop up.

Step 3: Delete The Event

Delete Event

If the event you are deleting is part of a series of repeating events, you will see three options available in the Delete section:

  1. only this instance - only the event, on the date you selected, will be deleted. All other repeated events in the series will remain.
  2. this, and all future events in the series - events on the date selected, plus all future events in the series, will be removed. Past events, however, will remain.
  3. this, and all past/future events in the series - all instances of the event will be deleted.

If the event you are deleting is a single event, the only option you will see is only this instance.

Make your selection, then click Delete Event(s) to... well... you can probably guess.

You're all done!