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Emergency Message

Step 1: Navigate To The Emergency Message Section

Website Emergency Message

You can access the Emergency Message section by using the tabs at the top, or by clicking the Emergency Message icon on the Dashboard.

Note: Only those with "Admin" and "Super Admin" user accounts will see this option.

Step 2: Add a Message Title and Message

Emergency Message Title

Give your message a title (recommended, but not required). Your title should be brief and contain no specific details.

Emergency Message

Next, enter the details of your message. We would recommend this be brief, but there is no specific limit to the length of your message.

Step 3: Update Message

All that's left to do is hit the "Update Message" button. Your message will now be added (in red with white text) at the top of every page on your website.


Note: To remove an existing title or message, simply delete any text you have entered and hit "Update Message". The red background will automatically disappear if there is no emergency message to display.