Restoring An Expired Website

If you've let your 30 day free period expire, or if you've forgotten to update your credit card details, do not fear - you can get your website back!  We understand that these sort of things are easy to forget, so we don't delete your website immediately.  You have up to 90 days to restore your website without losing any information.

If your website has expired, you'll see the following message:

ParishPal: The website hosting for this site has expired. Please ask your church to re-enable the website.

Getting your website back is fairly straightforward.

Step 1: Sign In To Your Admin Area

While the website has been temporarily disabled, the administrative area is still partially active. Simply visit your website address (URL) followed by "/admin".  Your login details will not have changed. Only accounts with "Super Admin" privileges have access to the financial settings.


Temporary URL:
Custom URL:

Step 2: Update Your Credit Card Information

Upon signing in to an expired website, you'll immediately be brought to the payment details page.  This is the only active page on the website.

If we have no credit card on file for you, you will see this:

A similar message will appear if your card is expired. The button will read "Update Credit Card".

In either situation, click on the button to update your card details.  This will take you to our secure site where you can add your card information safely.

Once you have updated your card details, we'll attempt to charge your card immediately.  If the transaction is successful, your website will be immediately restored to the way it was when the website expired.

All done.