Applying Headings

Headings give structure to your website text and keep it looking clean and organized. Here's how to apply headings to your website's text.

Step 1: Highlight the text you want to turn into a heading

Highlight Text

To start, we'll use your computer's mouse to highlight the text you'd like to add the style to. Position your mouse's "cursor" (the arrow) at the start of the text, click, then drag until all of the text you want to style is highlighted. Release the mouse button.

Step 2: Apply the style
Toolbar Styled

The first item in the text editor toolbar is the formatting styles dropdown menu. It will likely say something like "Normal", or "Title", but it can change depending on the currently selected style. Click on it, then choose the style you wish to apply. In the example above, we've decided to use a Title.

Step 3: Keep going!


Continue to go through the rest of your page, applying styles as required using the same technique.


You're all done!