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Pointing ParishPal To Your Website Address

Now that you have registered a website address, it's time to tell ParishPal what it is.

Step 1: Navigate to the "General Settings" Section

Settings General Settings

You'll find the "General Settings" section by visiting the "Settings" section, then clicking the "General Settings" icon.

Step 2: Enter Your Website Address

Website Address

Find the "Website Address" text box & add your website address to it. You can not change this once it's done, so please make sure you enter your website address correctly.

Note: If you have already added your website address to ParishPal, this text box will be visible, but disabled. To change your website address after it has already been set, you'll need to contact customer support.

Step 3: Save & Finish

Update Settings

Once you're done, double check that the name has been entered correctly, then click "Update Settings".

Now that ParishPal knows about your website address, it's time to set up your email inboxes & forwarders, or if you aren't using an "" email address, you can skip straight to telling your website address about ParishPal.