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Pointing Your Website Address To ParishPal

At this stage, you've registered your own website address, and you've told ParishPal what that website address is. You might even have set up your email accounts. If not, you should do those things before proceeding. If you're all ready to go, then this is the final step to making your website "live". Let's get to it!

Setting Your Nameservers

The exact process for changing your nameservers will change depending on which Registrar you used to purchase your website address (domain name). If you have used NameCheap, you'll find a step-by-step tutorial here. For other Registrars, they will have step-by-step instructions in the "Support" sections of their websites; simply search for "change nameservers [NAME OF YOUR REGISTRAR]" into Google. ;If you can't find anything that helps, contact ParishPal Customer Support and we'll give you a hand.

The nameservers you will want to use for ParishPal are different for each website. Follow this tutorial to determine what the nameservers are for your website.

Once you save your changes, it can take up to 48 hours (usually 6 to 8 hours) before your website address will reliably point to your new ParishPal website. This isn't a delay on our end, it's just the way the Internet works. After this period, your website will be "live" and you and your parishioners can start to enjoy your amazing new website.