Style an Image

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Styling an image in the text editor

Once you have added an image to the text editor, you're ready to "style" it.

Step 1: Select the Image.

Select Image

This is an easy one - just click on the image (a single click, not a double click). The image will turn blue to show that it is selected.

Step 2: Click the "Formatting Styles" Menu

Formatting Styles Menu

Now, click on the "Formatting Styles" menu in the text editor toolbar.

Note: The example above shows the menu saying "Normal", but this can vary depending on where you've added the image.

Step 3: Select a Style

Select A Style

Scroll all the way to the top of the "Formatting Styles" menu and you will see an "Object Styles" section with a list of options for styling the image. For this example, we'll select "Right, with border" which will float the image to the right of the text, and add a nice border around the image (you probably guessed that already, given the name of the style).

All Done


You're now finished adding a style to your image.