Find Your Nameserver Details

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Finding Your Nameserver Details

If you're ready to go live, the last step is pointing your domain name to ParishPal's servers. Each website will have different settings - here's how to find your nameserver details...

Step 1: Navigate To The "DNS Settings" Page

Settings DNS Settings

Click "Settings" in the top right corner, then click "DNS Settings". If you do not see the "DNS Settings" option on the Settings page, you have not yet pointed ParishPal to your website address, so the DNS records have not been created. Do this first, then try this tutorial again.


DNS Settings: Nameservers

Once here, you will see a list of "Nameservers".  You will add each, in order, when you point your website address to ParishPalDo not copy the nameserves from the image above.  It's unlikely that those are the nameservers for your web address.